Shea Penland
Coastal Education & Research Facility


Located at Chef Menteur Pass on Highway 90
in eastern Orleans Parish


We offer Field Trips for K-12 Grade Students and Teacher's Professional Development Workshops
Topics Include:
Geology of the Louisiana Coast
Coastal Land Loss and Restoration
Plants and Animals of the Estuary
Water Quality
Coastal Lines of Defense
Mapping / GPS&GIS

All of the programs will involve an outdoor observation component and hands-on activities. 

Activities will include: measurement of water parameters such as salinity and turbidity and relating the results to the living things in the environment; collection and identification of organisms from the nearby marsh; canoeing and boat trips in the marsh to collect data and make observations; participating in shoreline restoration….and more.

To Book Your Field Trip Contact:

Dinah Maygarden
Office: 504.280.1374


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